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Admission FAQ
  • How do you implement safety around the school?
The safety of your children is our number one priority. An access code is required to enter into our facility, only teachers and registered families are issued an access code. All other visitors must be authorized by admission staff and required to present a government issued ID. There are surveillance cameras around the facility that are monitored 24/7. Classroom cameras are made available only to parents to see their child in the classroom setting.
  • How certified are the teachers and staff?
All our teachers and staff have a degree in early childhood education and are certified in CPR and first aid. All teachers are required to do a training a month in order to be updated.
  • Are snacks and lunch included in the tuition?
No, snacks and lunch is not included in the tuition. There is an option to choose to pay for the catering company to bring your child lunch and/or snack. They can also choose monthly if they would like to pay for lunch and/or snack. Students can also bring lunch/snack from home.
  • How do we accommodate special dietary needs (allergies, etc)?
We publish our menu in the beginning of the month. Parents can plan accordingly as it may be necessary for parents to pack lunches for the child.
Global Connection Preschool is a peanut-free environment. We ask in the beginning of enrollment process in regards to the child’s allergies. All the staff members are aware of the allergies the students have and in the child’s classroom bulletin board contains the student’s allergy information so that the teachers and staff members are aware.
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