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About Us

We aspire to nurture young children in a multicultural environment globally connecting the worldviews to them through languages. Through stimulating environments, technology and hands-on learning, our students will become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable and critically thinking global citizens. Their respect for diverse people will naturally evolve as they are daily immersed in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language and cultural experience.
Friendly and meaningful relationships with peers and staff will provide a safe foundation for each child to build self-confidence and independence. Our curriculum includes group times for music and movement; literature arts; mathematics and science; storytelling; wide range of art media and creative materials in the indoor and outdoor classroom environment.
Global Connection Characters-03.png


We teach our students in English and Spanish. While also offering Mandarin Chinese classes!


We incorporate STEAM activities within our curriculum to keep young minds thinking!

Music & Movement

Students receive music and movement classes twice a week with a special instructor!

physical education

We also do focus on many outdoor activities, enhancing the children's motor skills. Also offering soccer classes! 

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