Language Immersion Programs


Global Connection International School is proud to offer our young students an opportunity to master a second language while receiving an expansive education.


Our Mandarin Chinese and Spanish immersion program provide students with a chance to obtain a second language with the purpose of becoming bilingual by their kindergarten year and thus preparing our students to become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable and critically thinking global citizens.



What is Immersion Program?

Language immersion program involves using two languages in giving instructions for academic content for 50 percent of the school day. The goal of language immersion program is to develop student’s proficiency in English, proficiency in a second language, intercultural capacity, and reaching academic performance at or above expectations.


There are several variations of immersion. Global Connection International School is using partial immersion, where about 50 percent of the time is spent in the second language. 


My daughter attends the Mandarin immersion program. First, she loves her teachers which makes me very happy. She is always talking about how she loves her teachers. She can’t wait to show them her new hairstyles, shoes, and new toys. Her teachers, Ms. Carolina and Ms. Cynthia, made her transition from staying at home to school very smooth. They were caring and comforting both to her (and me). Ms. Bignotte, the school’s director, along with Ms. Joanna, also assisted in the transition. They were very responsive to my concerns (some irrational) and they always helped in any way they could without making me feel like I was being obnoxious.
As far as the educational program is concerned, I am extremely happy with it. She sings me songs in Mandarin, counts in Spanish and can recite colors in Spanish. She only began attending Global Connections in April. Her vocabulary has expanded in English, Mandarin and Spanish. The kids participate in lots of different activities and programs without it being overwhelming.
Last, the school is very clean. Very clean and not just clean at a superficial level! It made a huge difference to me to see the classroom being cleaned throughout the day! I can’t express this enough. Ms. Rita is the best!
All in all, I highly recommend this school. He/she will learn so much from culture and language to simply every day things like drinking from a cup or using the potty. They also have programs for the parents to learn parenting skills. If you’re looking for childcare/school, you will not regret sending your child here.
                                                                   Jackie F.

Benefits Of Bilingualism


Research has shown that there are several benefits in learning a second language.



1. Personal Benefits

One of the greatest advantage of bilingualism is having an expanded access to people and resources. Individuals who can speak more than one language are able to communicate with more people, read more literature and gain more advantages when traveling to foreign countries. Additionally, it can create a more competitive background in the work force.


2. Cognitive Benefits


Research suggests that students who receive a second language instruction are more creative and are better at solving complex problems than those that don’t. There are also several studies that show bilinguals outperform monolinguals on intelligence tests.
3. Academic Benefits
Some parents and educators often express concern of learning a second language may have detrimental effects on student’s reading and verbal abilities in English. However, several studies have concluded that it suggests the opposite. There are different studies that have shown students in language immersion programs were able to score better than all other comparison groups in achievement tests. All these studies’ results suggest that second language study helps enhance English and other academic skills.

4. Societal Benefits


Bilingualism has many benefits to society. Students who grow up learning a second language can become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable and critically thinking global citizens. They can contribute to the world by being able to communicate across the globe.

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