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7 Important Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend VPK

7 Important Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend VPK

It's never too early to begin to consider a high-quality voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program (VPK) for your child. (Check your state guidelines for enrollment ages.) See below for seven important reasons why your child should attend VPK!

1. Your child may not need Pre-Kindergarten, but they might—and there's no way to tell.

In her article, "Pre-K for All," Sara Mead discusses the many variables that can affect a child's need for Pre-Kindergarten. Although many professionals identify income level as the deciding factor for attendance in Pre-K, factors such as family life and dynamics, the child's personality, exposure to other children, and "indefinable characteristics" also play a role. In other words, it's safest to assume that all early learners would benefit from Pre-K to prepare them for kindergarten.

2. Pre-Kindergarten can shape your family's view of education and educational expectations in the future…for the better!

The early introduction of academic expectations and positive attitudes toward education benefits early learners in Pre-K in innumerable ways. Attending Pre-K in a high-quality early learning center molds your child into an eager learner with a positive attitude. Additionally, Pre-K's play-based structure can help parents to develop academic expectations for their children and their classrooms without the worries and pressures surrounding paper/computer tests and letter grades.

3. High-quality Pre-Kindergarten can mean the difference between your child being taught and being babysat.

While it may seem tempting to go with an independent babysitter instead of Pre-K, it is no substitute for detailed and personalized play-based lesson plans delivered by experts. This is also something to ponder when choosing between Pre-K and "daycare." Pre-K delivered by a high-quality early learning center and experienced staff has much higher educational value and offers better preparation for kindergarten than non-learning center daycare.